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Can I Apply Loan with CCJ Against My Name?

When it comes to apply for a CCJ loan from the source of a direct lender then the above mentioned question can change its frame in a way “can I apply loan with CCJ for my name?” With this concern of positivity, you can stable the financial matters. Let just begin with more understanding:


The abbreviation of CCJ expands for County Court Judgement. This term can be defined, when a person fails to return the amount on time then the company can stand towards a full-chance to send you a court order. To solve the matter in a frequent manner, you have to revert within the duration of 14 days.

To state the action of sending the court order, the company will certainly notify you about the borrowing that you have to return. But if you skip the first announcement then the second call will be of CCJ order.


To remove the constraint of CCJ, you have to be cautious while dealing with it. It is because this process can be time taken, if you do not store enough income to return the amount. But still there are some ways out that you can consider:


Well, if you are eligible to get a loan with this constraint then you must pull up your socks to improve the record of CCJ:


Eligibility Entry gate (How To Apply)
A good income source Fill online application
Residential proof Provide the needed amount
Partial credit score Check for the interest rates
Employment record No fees & instant decision

Why Should I apply for Loans with CCJ?

There are equal numbers of saying in terms of applying to this loan. If you think that our eligibility criterion matches with your requirements then you should apply for it.

How Can I Avail CCJ Loan with Bad Credit Score?

YES, you can get the CCJ loans with bad credit score. By following these pointers, you can think of getting the loans, scroll below:

Do CCJ Loans Come in Multiple Varieties?

Yes, the borrowing comes with varied options that you can use to precede in your situation. Such as:

Am I eligible for Car Finance with having a CCJ?

If you are looking for the financial assistance that can help you in buying your dream car, then it is worth giving a read: what essential you must carry.

How Can I Get Business Loan with CCJ?

Individuals can also look up for the business investment under this constraint. Yes! You have read that right; you can get the funds if you follow up with these:

Why Only First Finance Should Be Your Lender for CCJ Loans?

There is not just one reason to choose First Finance instead you can consider various reasons to apply from this platform, such as:

To provide a loan with CCJ remark, your income prospect should be strong and you must have a plan to clear the dues first. If you are transparent on these two sections then the approval on short term borrowings is possible. Start applying here…


What I do to choose best direct lender for CCJ Loans?

You must focus on your eligibility in terms of how much assurance you can provide to the lender in terms of repayment. If you think that you store the credibility to handle loan duration only then you can think of using the platform like First Finance.

How Can I calm down interest rates on CCJ Loans?

With the help of these three suggestions, you can get CCJ loans from direct lender with ease:

  • If you have plan and savings which can become proof that you can return your previous amount then it can be countable as first reason.
  • The second is reason is if you apply for small duration and fewer amounts then it can be considered where you can think of getting some ease on the interest rates.
  • The third reason is if you have your current earning over the amount you borrow then also getting flexibility on the interest rate is possible.

What benefits that I can expect from direct lender offering CCJ loans?

You can get varied features, if you apply for ccj loans there is a beneficial perk you can get and that is you do not have to present guarantor. You can carry the loan journey in a better way. Therefore, it also provides instant approval so that you can use the pounds to process with your situation.

Is pledging collateral mandatory to apply for CCJ loans from direct lender?

No, because the direct lenders provides CCJ loans with no burden of presenting collateral to get the approval. You just have to make sure that whatever amount you borrow that should be return on time. If you are capable to do that then getting approval from direct lender is easy for yourself.