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london fashion week

When you have nothing in your mind that feeling of space gives rise to unique and contemporary ideas. On the coming of such plans are very rare because all of the time, our brain gets stormed with lots of other work.

If you are a person who holds a charm of designing something new in clothes, then there is a gateway to start with an inspiration. It is because there is a festival that will be organised for the public so that people can see the efforts of renowned designers.

You must have heard about the London Fashion Week (LFW). The event started from 14th February till the continuing week. The announcement of the dates have been out now whosoever is interested and willing to seek this even an opportunity can set the desired career.

The best part about the event is that the cost of the ticket is not that expensive so you can manage to see the fantastic fashion styles of town. However, this event is known to be the journey of trending styles for the coming season of 2020.

What is the talk of the town?

Every young gem looking forward to making his or her career in the field of fashion designing or keen about brands, then this event is for you. Who said the valentine’s week is only for the ones who love. Instead, you can explore with your partner by grabbing your attention to follow a styling season as always

Burberry, Roksanda, Simone and Rocha are known to be the best designers of London going to present town the fashion of the coming sunshine. Well, under the names of such famous brands, you can get the hype of sightseeing of luxury clothing.

What’s more on 4 days festival?

As it is announced, the British Fashion Council (BFC) is the very famous festival will be a ‘city-wide-celebration. The fashion week will be summoned around the theme of a positive fashion.

Also, the hosting of the festival will be done by the two most popular designer’s name:


Under the surveillance of these two artists, you can secure your chance to meet and greet the people who live and die in making the fashion the best aura.

List of top brands participating in the LFW

To know about the deals and the details of the fashion, it can boost your excitement to the next level:


14th February – 16th February, 10pm – 9pm

Mulberry, 50 New Bond St, Mayfair, London W1S 1BJ

When you know that nothing can replace the love for your bags then you must not delay to buy the tickets anymore. It is because you are likely to the see the runway of best tote bags that supports your elegant personality. You would get a chance to see the best line up of production artist, industry leaders to observe to learn some of the peculiar traits of them.


14th February – 18th February, 10 am – 8 pm

Selfridges, The Yellow Drop Room, 400 Oxford Street, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB

If you are the person who likes to be a symbol of the vintage era, then you most likely to be on the right ramp. It is because the collection of t-shirts can inspire to buy or learn how to bring the fashion of old stuff back. The more enthusiasts to become the older vintage can charm your eyes to designing the clothing with a touch of it.   


14th February

Topshop, 214 Oxford Street Oxford, London W1W 8LG

It is an area where you can buy within small amount for the best gif on valentine. You have to be love-curious because it is the place that makes your goals of winning more special and amazing prices.

These are some of the showrooms where you can book your tickets for.

A special note

If you think that due to any specific reason it can be difficult to spend on tickets, Do Not Worry at all. It is because there is a funding of doorstep loans like provident where you can manage to get the amount if you are running a busy schedule.


As you know that LFW is bound to cover the theme of positivity; then you must select the attire that suits you the most. In other words, you can plan to wear what makes you comfortable and walking as it is going to be a week worth spending.


Your keen and exuberant to attend the event because that makes your way the first ladder towards your career then it is a show worth to participate in. This is the time where you must use varied alternatives like doorstep loans to overcome the financial strain with ease. Therefore, it is a bit of advice that, do not let your dream of becoming a fashion stylist wash away if it is your only thing to do

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