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Many people who have a CCJ issued against their names find it difficult to get a loan from a bank or any other financial institution. A CCJ is a court order issued against your name when you fail to repay the loan which you had taken from a lender. A CCJ is a black spot on your credit record which remains there up to six years. This will affect your ability to get any type of financial help from lending companies.

A CCJ basically outlines how much you need to pay to your creditor and if you are not capable of paying the full amount then the court will make some adjustment in the CCJ as per your genuine condition.

Having said all that is it still possible to get a loan when one has a CCJ?

The answer to your question will be yes. It is possible to get a loan despite a CCJ against your name but it is not an easy task. Many lenders such as credit unions and traditional lenders most likely will turn down your application because they don’t have much risk absorbing power.

What will your option then? Private lenders are not a bad idea actually. After all, you need money in an adverse situation so why not consider taking a loan from a direct lender instead of facing rejections from traditional lenders.

Private lenders have designed several loan products for people who have a CCJ such as CCJ loans with no guarantor from a direct lender. You can avail of loan from these lenders despite having a CCJ.

So, we can say that even though you have a CCJ issued against your name, some lenders will help you with money. But the main issue with such type of financial help is that you have to incur a higher rate of interest. Lenders will see your application as a risk because of a CCJ. Hence, they tend to charge a high rate of interest. But that should be fine with you because you are getting help when no one else is willing to help you.

Steps To Get Rid Of CCJ

There are various ways of getting rid of a CCJ.

Immediate Payment of CCJ

A CCJ can be easily removed from your credit history if you pay the agreed amount within days. However, if your creditor informs the court that you have repaid the amount within a month, then it will be removed from your credit score. Therefore, if you pay the amount within the time limit given by the court, you can get rid of CCJ.

If you take more than a month to pay the amount then CCJ will be there on your credit score but in ‘satisfied’ state and you will not have any problem in getting a loan.

Wait For Six Years To Go Away Your CCJ

The other option is to wait patiently for six years to pass. After the completion of six years, CCJ will get automatically removed from your credit record without taking any concrete action against you. Six years is a very long period and nobody would like it to stay on their credit record as it may pose several financial repercussions. So, this option should be left as the last option.


Overall we can say that having a CCJ was once a great obstacle in getting a loan. However, with the surge in online lenders who provide loans even for those borrowers who have a CCJ, it is now even easier to get a loan. Though, you have to pay more due to the high rate of interest on your CCJ loans. But you should not repeat your past mistake again. You should make all the payment including your CCJ on time to avoid any difficulty in the future. If you repeat the same mistake again then your chance of getting a loan in the future will be very dark. Hence, it is better to repay on time and enjoy a healthy financial life.

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