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With all your financial capacity drained after
County Court Judgement, it feels impossible to return to the standard days. The
prime reason for this is the absence of any help. None of your relations can
help you come out of it as the mess belongs to you only. Also, the finance
industry unfailingly acts reluctant towards such cases. However, a change has
happened after the financial companies have adopted new-age practices. 

For sure, it is not easy to plan and escape when you talk about a severe condition like CCJ. But, every situation brings its solution. Similarly, this complication also has some remedies. In the absence of the right knowledge, many stay victimised for a long time and face the pathetic consequences.

Here are some ways that can help you make circumstances better during severe conditions.

Pay CCJ within a month after the judgement

This can be the best way to get rid of the depressing after-effects. When you get the judgement, try to pay all the debts within one month. With this, you can get the CCJ mark erased from the credit records. The judgement details are removed from the Register of Orders Judgements and Fines. The finance industry will see your spotless report.

Some dos applicable in this case are –

  1. After paying off the debts, it is necessary to inform the court. Usually, the creditors need to do this.
  2. If the creditors do not inform, you need to do it on your own. Forget not to present the proof of all the payments you have made, and a fee of £15 to £20 is applicable.

Apply for the CCJ loans

For sure, you are not unaware of the term ‘FinTech’ that is making financial lives better in every aspect. It is a promising alternative to the mainstream finance industry that works on real solutions. For sure, the reliance on the established institutions is not wrong, but sometimes you need a change.

FinTech is a strong merger of finance and technology and most of the things here happen online. Not only this, the approach too is much more liberal than the conventional one. This is because online companies treat not only customers but also the issues of money matters.

A change has appeared in the lending practices too through direct lending. The loans are available now for those who were devoid of any assistance due to their controversial financial situations. The formalities also are kept comfortable and flexible.

The CCJ loans with no guarantor offered by the direct lender is a perfect mention to describe the strength of the next generation lending. Apply to the lender with adequate repayment capacity. Better to back the application with a guarantor or collateral. The funds are available in a short time; use the borrowed money to pay off some debts. Pay the instalments timely and improve credit rating and in turn, overall situation.

Wait and watch for 6 years and CCJ mark removes automatically

This is the slowest way to come out of the destruction. The register of orders judgements and fines shows the CCJ details for 6 years. After that, it will be removed from your credit records. However, to tell you something, after that too the creditor can enforce the claim. However, that will be ‘it is too late now’ case for the creditor.

This trick is typically used when the concerned person has no efficiency to pay off the debts. In simple words, when you have no other choice, this can be the only solution.  


It is better to give priority to the first two options if you want the revival fast. Rest depends a lot on your financial situations. Money is an unpredictable thing, and it needs to be tackled with care; otherwise, huge damage like CCJ may occur.

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