Can I Apply Loan with CCJ Against My Name?

When it comes to apply for a CCJ loan from the source of a direct lender then the above mentioned question can change its frame in a way “can I apply loan with CCJ for my name?” With this concern of positivity, you can stable the financial matters. Let just begin with more understanding:


The abbreviation of CCJ expands for County Court Judgement. This term can be defined, when a person fails to return the amount on time then the company can stand towards a full-chance to send you a court order. To solve the matter in a frequent manner, you have to revert within the duration of 14 days.

To state the action of sending the court order, the company will certainly notify you about the borrowing that you have to return. But if you skip the first announcement then the second call will be of CCJ order.


To remove the constraint of CCJ, you have to be cautious while dealing with it. It is because this process can be time taken, if you do not store enough income to return the amount. But still there are some ways out that you can consider:

  • First of all do not ignore the order if you have received it, give it a good read because that can explain you the process to get away with it.
  • If you are convinced with the pending amount but you cannot pay it immediately, do not worry. You can have an option to convert it into instalments that way you can think of returning the amount.
  • Sometime, you can get this order when you do not have any pending amount. If you analyse and know that this pending amount does not belong to you then you must give a quick call to the financial advisers.


Well, if you are eligible to get a loan with this constraint then you must pull up your socks to improve the record of CCJ:

  • Once approved means that you have a second chance to greet the credit numbers by doing on-time payments.
  • In terms of making on time payments, you must make sure about how you will be going to proceed.
  • A planned journey can help you to deal with the record of CCJ in a better way.
  • Otherwise, the best option you can follow is to clean the previous record first by providing each pound back to the lender (This Should Be Priority).


Eligibility Entry gate (How To Apply)
A good income source Fill online application
Residential proof Provide the needed amount
Partial credit score Check for the interest rates
Employment record No fees & instant decision

Why Should I apply for Loans with CCJ?

There are equal numbers of saying in terms of applying to this loan. If you think that our eligibility criterion matches with your requirements then you should apply for it.

  • Ease access of desired funds
  • Suffice any financial urgency of yours
  • Helps you to build the credit score by doing on-time payments
  • An option to consult your lender for an instalment plan to make the CCJ journey ends with clean financial background.

How Can I Avail CCJ Loan with Bad Credit Score?

YES, you can get the CCJ loans with bad credit score. By following these pointers, you can think of getting the loans, scroll below:

  • Your income status can play a very important role to get you favourable amount
  • Make sure that you are ready with current bank statements
  • If you are earning from other sources as well, use them (freelancing, part-time, rental property etc.)
  • Current behaviour in terms of managing the financial record

Do CCJ Loans Come in Multiple Varieties?

Yes, the borrowing comes with varied options that you can use to precede in your situation. Such as:

  • CCJ Mortgage: If you are looking to buy a property and seeking for an easy option to get the financial assistance. You must know about CCJ mortgage from direct lender.
  • Payday loans: There can be times when you might be in need of small amount and due to CCJ mark you are not able to get. Do not worry; there is a hope from the source of online lender to get payday loans with CCJ. Try once!
  • Loans where no guarantor is needed: You must be in dilemma about presenting a guarantor or not. But the fact is you can get the borrowing called CCJ loans with no guarantor from reliable direct lenders like First Finance.

Am I eligible for Car Finance with having a CCJ?

If you are looking for the financial assistance that can help you in buying your dream car, then it is worth giving a read: what essential you must carry.

  • Driving license
  • Passport or ID card
  • Proof of address
  • Income report( bank statements or tax statements)

How Can I Get Business Loan with CCJ?

Individuals can also look up for the business investment under this constraint. Yes! You have read that right; you can get the funds if you follow up with these:

  • Try to clear your previous dues A-S-A-P; if not A-S-A-P then convert it into an instalment plan. But make sure that you proceed with on-time payments.
  • Follow the given protocol accordingly
  • Focus on making your credit report strong
  • A good income from any source is essential other than your own business earning

Why Only First Finance Should Be Your Lender for CCJ Loans?

There is not just one reason to choose First Finance instead you can consider various reasons to apply from this platform, such as:

  • Painless repayment mode
  • Sublime interest rates
  • Easy approval on heavy constraints
  • No insight shocks in terms of charges
  • Instant disbursal (if approved)

To provide a loan with CCJ remark, your income prospect should be strong and you must have a plan to clear the dues first. If you are transparent on these two sections then the approval on short term borrowings is possible. Start applying here…