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Someone can dream of becoming a pilot while another one might dream to earn good with his abilities, but no one dream to become unemployed. It is the unexpected thing, which can never be expected to become a trend. Sometimes, by seeing at a number of jobless people, you might even think like it can happen to you also.

The young generation always has certain desires to run their own business after completing their graduation. Many of them fail because they do not have either investors or the financial backup to invest their venture. These people prefer to do business because they do not want to work under someone else or they do not get a useful job position or salary as per their expectation. A person, who has studied from a reputed university, cannot suppose to get a low salary package or low job position. These people may need funds to manage their expenses. When they do not have money, options like loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor look handy for them.

Mostly backed by the direct lenders, these loans are available on comparatively the easy lending policies like no necessary income status requirement, no mandatory credit verification, and no involvement of broker (the direct lenders stay ready to communicate to the borrowers directly without any interference). Jobless people can take advantage of such loans.

Is there any specific eligibility criteria and method to apply?

In the UK, the borrower must be the native of the nation and has completed the age of 18. He must not score a very bad credit in the past. The recent credit history also counts. Some online lenders may give to the borrowers, who are new by not checking their credit record and to the low credit scorers if they told before. It is the explanation of the easy term and condition discussed above that there is no mandatory credit verification takes place. Know your credit ratings before applying for a loan to know which online lender is allowing you to apply for a loan.

There is no specific way to apply for such loans. The borrower is suggested to research on the lending company and needs to do the same thing like filling an online application form on the website of the lender and then submit it cautiously. After that, it is up to the lender that it considers the credit application eligible or not as per its rules and regulations.


Some lenders may demand any collateral instead of a guarantor, as these loans do not consist of mandatory requirement of a cosigner into it. In case a person cannot satisfy that requirement, then few online lenders can offer him unsecured loans.

Importance of unemployed loans:

  • A student or a young business aspirant can get financial support even for his business if the idea is genuinely good. In case, the person is borrowing money just to fulfil the general expenses, then these loans are also helpful.
  • These loans can also be helpful to do a short-term course, which can give an extraordinary opportunity to the person as some good short term courses give detailed information and practical experience.
  • Such loans are important in many ways as the borrowers can get them into two forms, unsecured and secured. It means even presenting the collateral or not, the borrower can get approval but only from a few lending companies.
  • The approvals of such loans are fast as the lender considers the urgency of the borrowers and ignore the lengthy documentation and many other general aspects like credit verification. This thing also helps the person in getting approval.

Instant Funding Alternative for Unemployed People:

Jobless people, who do have a very urgent need for the funds, can avail very fast funding options, known as payday loans for unemployed by direct lenders. The payday loans are used in financial emergencies, due to the very short-term loan category. Any individual can get such loans until and unless his credit report is imposed with CCJ (County Court Judgment) or IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement).

The terms and conditions on such loans can be uncomplicated, as the unemployed candidates can also get such loans considering that, no income status is compulsory. Various direct lenders are offering these loans to help out the people in adverse financial situations to manage their expenses and pay back the amount to them on their salary day.

Here, the lender needs a confirmation from the borrower that at least he has cleared an interview or started making income from a startup.

Interest rates on unemployed loans and payday loans:

The bad credit loans for unemployed and payday loans for unemployed, both are expensive with the interest rates. It is because the security is less here, as the borrower is not earning a stable income and is seeking to manage his expenses by taking a loan. In case of a payday loan, the person is about to start earning but the risk is still there as the person might leave the job and the chance of bad credit is there.

The bottom line:

All borrowers are suggested to take such loans only if they need funds in extreme financial situations and ensure that they will repay the loan on time

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