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Do you know? Who is the founder of Apple?

His name is Steve Jobs, one who left college to just start his own business. Though he faces many difficulties but in the end, he got success. This is the reason everyone wants to start his/her own business and could spend a glorious life.

But the reality is bit harsh i.e. the success rate of the start-up is too low. People, who left everything in the hope of starting a new journey, eventually lose everything. Some individuals, who do regular job, find risk to left it just to start their dream business.

There are so many options available which you can pursue without quitting your full-time job. You might be excited to know the ways. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some freelancing businesses which you can easily run beside your regular work.

Before we move further, one question may disturb you i.e. arrangements for necessary funds. You will be surprised to hear that the investment is too low. If you do not want to disturb your financial plan then you can opt for small funding resources available at the marketplace of the UK, for example, doorstep loans. You will easily get instant funds at your home and utilise the borrowed amount either in your business or to manage regular expense of your family.

NOW, let have a look at those amazing business tips…


This one is the best option for those, who know more than two or three languages. There are many online platforms where you can use this skill to earn a good amount of money. Many clients search for a person who can translate their articles into a different language. They will pay a good amount per word.

Phone backcover business

If you are one with creativity then congratulation this business is for you. There is a huge market for phone back cover and people are earning a hefty amount from it. This is all because of the availability of phones at cheap prices.

Customers use these covers to give their phone a different look. Many online platforms are available like Amazon and Fancy where you can sell your product. Once you create a brand then you can run this as a full-time business and can earn up to 6 figures per month.

Develop A Blog

Nowadays, people are earning quite good at writing blogs and articles. But all you need is strong command in your language and an expertise on that particular topic. Suppose you love to travel and you have explored so many places, then you can write a blog on that.

The positive side of writing is that you can do this work for others. But you will generate more profit if you run your own website. Though it could be difficult for you to manage all things initially after some time you will get everything.


Photography is considered as one of the coolest professions. And the best part is that you can do this in your spare time. Many people looking for a talented photographer for a modelling photoshoot and they are willing to pay a high amount. But it depends on your skills.

You can earn a good amount of pounds only spending three to four hours daily. Moreover, it would be better if your daily work time is flexible.

Share your knowledge

There are various online questions and answer platforms such as Quora. If you know programming then you can take question-related to c++, java and python. If the reader finds it useful then they will follow you.

If your answer will get a good number of views then you can apply for the Quora partner programme. Under this programme, Quora will pay you for the question you will ask. The more unique your question will be, the more you will earn. Many people pursue this as part-time work and earn quite a good amount of pounds.


This one may be an ideal choice for those who get retirement from their jobs. But they must have an interest in cooking new stuff. It would be better if you teach the world about cooking through videos. You can upload your baking videos on YouTube.

You may require a few additional things to make your video more attractive. If you find hard to arrange money then loans on benefits can help you to fulfil your dreams. Once viewers like your videos, you will earn good money with this. You can see there are many ways through which you can start your own business without quitting your regular job. There is one major benefit of it is that, for some reason your business gets fail, it will not create any problem to your financial condition. You can start these businesses with very low or zero investment.

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