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A recent survey indicated that nearly 50 percent of the people living in London do not cook food at their homes. Most of these people prefer takeaways and eating in restaurants near the office. But a major disadvantage in these restaurants and other outside places is that they do not provide hygienic and healthy food similar to homemade foods. Even though restaurant foods are tasty they are not healthy. Most of the restaurants add a lot of items to enhance the taste which is not good for the health of the human body in the long run. Most of these people are aware of this but due to their limited options, they opt for the restaurant food.

The best solution for these problems is to start a mobile catering service which can be easily started by obtaining loans for unemployed from loan lenders. Mobile catering service is nothing but providing food for people working in various technological companies by cooking food at home and providing for them. Most of these food items made at home are healthy and hence this is one of the most famous and good growing business that you can pursue instead of doing job for anyone.

Decide your field of cooking

Before cooking the food items and delivering them, the first step is to decide what type of food you want to cook and create a proper menu based upon those food items. Also, try cooking all these food items once or twice at home to make sure that you are able to cook them at the proper time with proper taste. Timely delivery is one of the most important factors in this field since most of these people working in various companies have particular lunchtime and hence it is essential to provide food for them at proper timing.

Arrange proper transportation service

The next step is to supply these foods two people residing in various companies. Hence a proper transportation service is essential to deliver the food easily on time. You can hire a monthly rental taxi service or you can use your own vehicle for delivering these food items. But if you are planning to buy your own transportation service then make sure to buy a bigger vehicle so that it would be easier for you to carry the food items even when the number of customers increases in the future.

Tasty and healthy food

 Most of these people have started to turn towards your food service because they need homemade food items rather than Hotel foods. So prepare all the food items with proper healthy conditions and low amount of oil and avoid other waste materials that enhance the taste but cause harm to the body. Also, prepare the food at the correct time so that they will be fresh and hot while delivering. The packages should be packed neatly without any leakages.

How to develop your business

In order to develop your business, you should plan as such:

  • The first step is to approach various companies with sample food products and provide them to the workers. If the sample food product is good and healthy then people will automatically start buying your food items. Also, provide a proper menu for the workers so that it would be easier for them to choose and place an order in advance. Try to provide a minimum of two extra options for them to choose from rather than providing a single menu for each day.
  • The extra options will allow them to feel free and can choose as per their requirements. If the number of customers has increased then hire one or two employers for developing the business and assistance. Make sure to provide proper training for the employers before hiring them. Also if you are subcontracting the delivery service to any other company make sure they are providing the service on time without any delay. Along with this provide a feedback form for your customers every month so that it would be easier for you to understand their views and make changes in the menu.
  • Change the menu every now and then so that the customers would not get bored by eating the same kind of food items. If the customers ask for any particular food item try to provide them. Also, certain people might have some health issues and their food should be prepared in a special kind of way. So take a special interest in preparing these kinds of food which will increase the satisfaction of the customers.
Summing Up…

If you are looking forward to expanding your business in various regions of the city you can always obtain guaranteed loans for unemployed from private loan lenders. These loans allow you to expand your business easily on time. By providing tasty food with on-time delivery the business can be expanded within a short span of time.

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