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Unemployment can take a heavy toll both emotionally and financially, especially when you were not ready for it.  For most of the people, the daily job is the major source of their income and losing that can be really devastating. In a time like this, isolating yourself might sound the best option, but this will not help you in any means. Getting stressed and anxious is something common and valid in such a situation, but you have cannot be that way forever. You have to stay calm and tackle things with positivity.

There will be financial challenges that you will have to face after losing your job. Using your savings here might sound very tempting, but this is the fund that you have saved for your future purpose. So, you need to look for other better options as draining all your savings is not a good idea in any way. Here, in this blog, we have mentioned different funding options that could be ideal for you.

Now let us get started.

  • Credit at home

The first name in our list is credit at home or popularly known as doorstep loans which are basically provided by direct lenders. In this loan, you get the requested amount in cash which is delivered by the agent of the lender directly at your home. One great thing about this loan is that you can get this loan without getting your credit checked that is a major aspect that most traditional lenders go through before approving the loan. Also, the amount given in such loans is not very big, so the approval rate is very high.

  • Personal Loan

A personal loan is basically a type of unsecured loan where you don’t have to provide any kind of collateral in order to get the fund. However, if you don’t have a regular job, then make sure that you have a good credit score in order to get this loan. Also, the lender might even ask you to provide a guarantor who will make the lender believe that their money is not that at risk and if the borrower is not able to pay the loan, then it will be the guarantor who will have to complete the payment.

  • loans on benefits

Mostly, the government provides certain benefits to unemployed people. However, the amount is not enough to manage big expenses and draining your account will not be a sensible thing to do.  There are lenders in the market who provide unemployed loans on benefits people which make it easier for them to get the loan. Getting a loan during this time can be extremely helpful as there will various things that you will have to such as paying your bills, rents and other debts which can be really hectic without your job.

  • Secured loans

If you are unable to get a loan due to your poor credit score or any other reason, then going for a secured loan can be really helpful. In such loans, you will have to provide collateral that could be any of your car, house or any valuable assets of yours. Unfortunately, if you fail to complete the loan repayment, then the collateral that you will provide will legally get into the hands of the lender. Yes, this loan comes with a risk, so you should opt for it only if you are ready to take that risk. Otherwise, you could go with other options.

  • Use your credit card

If you are not able to get funding from any side, then you can go with your own credit cards. Yes, you will have to later pay the amount along with the interest, but this can be really helpful during the time when you are literally financially off the balance. However, while using your credit card, keep two things in mind:- First, don’t exhaust your credit card limit as it can severely affect your credit score which is like your borrowing worthiness in the financial industry. Secondly, make sure that you complete the payment because the interest in credit card debts picks up the pack at rocket speed.

So, this was all the options that can help you arrange funds when you lose your job. Thus, if you are going with anyone of them, make sure that you do good research about it

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